Business Services

At INTELLIGENT TAX SOLUTIONS, our experienced staff of business consultants is committed to assisting you through every phase of the business life cycle, applying our experience and insight to provide you with meaningful and practical strategies and solutions to address the issues facing your business. From incorporation through business succession planning, we provide the comprehensive advice, insight, and technical expertise you need to help your business achieve success at any stage.

Incorporation and New Business Analysis

Starting a business is challenging on many levels, from the hard work of establishing yourself in the marketplace to the complexities of managing the paperwork, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed without expert advice. With years of real-world, hands-on business experience behind us, the team of detail-oriented professionals at INTELLIGENT TAX SOLUTIONS will not only help you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of corporations, partnerships, and LLCs, ensuring that you select the right entity for your new business, but can also guide you through formulating a business plan, dealing with any necessary registration, permitting, or licensing processes, managing compliance with local, state, and federal laws, and can even provide a market evaluation to allow you to position your new business as advantageously as possible in the marketplace, or a business valuation, if you are considering the purchase of an existing business.


Have you ever heard that most new businesses fail within the first few years of starting?. Well in our experience it is not that they do not make money, it is because they are so busy trying to get the work done that they do not take care of things like taxes and books and budgets, things like marketing and hr services. non complience with state and local laws and licencing. all of the things that if left unchecked can bring down a business quickly.

Let us help you get your business in order and on the road to success. We can show you how to simplify the whole process so you will be on top of the important things that when taken care of will allow you to focus on building your business.